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Dumki Jacoba & A Carnival of Revolution

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Wojciech Jacob Jankowski

Dumki Jacoba
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"Dumki" emerged in 1994 - 99th Then lived in the woods and mountains, away from the noise, crowds, politics itpodobnych attractions. Generally used to be that I could not sleep until they have shed intrusive thoughts down on paper. Most of these tales to keep printed by various newspapers: The Tri-City "Election", "Mac Pariadka," "Vegetarian World", "kayasa Ochi", "Green Brigade". In 1999 Warsaw Publishing Agency "Here," released them as a book. In 2005, Anarchist Initiative Beskidzka styrała paperback resume. And now opened Tezeuszkowa, ecumenical, virtual space.

With hindsight and experience some of these texts seem to me to be naive, wind, and sometimes "haunted". But yes at times earlier, even as you type. And sometimes, years later, the most "haunted" pieces are revived and embarrassing to me as a specific, life science, absolutely, "impersonally."

Being honest with oneself is bad art. Or perhaps the purpose of this journey? I'm glad I did not threw into the furnace of the "failed", bad stories. Because that's what happens sometimes they inspire, not only me, I guess.

Some time ago the phone rang. The guy thanked him, bought the book "accidentally" in a bookstore. I abandoned the thought of suicide. Thanks. On a larger prize, I could not count. Howgh!

... And I am carrying you
winter rose
I know the tricks of time
take it - for the moment
We will not ...
/ Andrzej Sulima-Suryn /

Red rocks, mossy paths, streams, rivers, streams. Increasingly rare, rachitic vegetation. The traveler looked around. He sat down.

Musin, Moon Mountain, from a distance looked inconspicuous. Now, when he rested in the middle of the road to the summit, he saw a powerful, autonomous world. Mountain and sky. In the distance, sharp, snow-capped peaks. Somewhere out there - hen! - Ribbon highway. With all the hustle and bustle of civilized - fragile ribbon.

He smiled. It was a strength. And this power was in it. He saw that human problems are only a delusion. Play it cool. The age-old, wonderful music...
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A Carnival of Revolution - "Jacob's Retreat"

A Carnival of Revolution: Central Europe 1989, Padraic Kenney

- at Princeton University Press:
"This is the first history of the revolutions that toppled communism in Europe to look behind the scenes at the grassroots movements that made those revolutions happen. It looks for answers not in the salons of power brokers and famed intellectuals, not in decrepit economies--but in the whirlwind of activity that stirred so crucially, unstoppably, on the street. Melding his experience in Solidarity-era Poland with the sensibility of a historian, Padraic Kenney takes us into the hearts and minds of those revolutionaries across much of Central Europe who have since faded namelessly back into everyday life. This is a riveting story of musicians, artists, and guerrilla theater collectives subverting traditions and state power; a story of youthful social movements emerging in the 1980s in Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and parts of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union."

"Jacob's Retreat"
- from A carnival of revolution: Central Europe 1989,
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photos from the period (images are not from the book) -

Jocob in the place I got to know him

Sonoma Mountain Zen Center, Feb. 26 2011

"Teraz, wczoraj, sto, tysiąc czy więcej lat temu - tak to właśnie wygląda. Nauczyciel i uczniowie. SMZC, zimowe sesshin, foto - Barbara."

Now, yesterday, a hundred thousand or more years ago - that's how it looks. Teacher and students. SMZC, winter sesshin)

more Dumki Jacoba: polish original | english translation
alternat url polish | english translation

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