Monday, January 30, 2017

10,000 Year Clock | The Long Now Foundation - Fostering Long-Term Thinking

Clock One: Winder & Main Differential from The Long Now Foundation

The Long Now Foundation was established in 01996 to foster long-term thinking and responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years

Designed by Danny Hillis, the Clock is designed to run for ten millennia with minimal maintenance and interruption. The Clock is powered by mechanical energy harvested from sunlight as well as the people that visit it. The primary materials used in the Clock are marine grade 316 stainless steel, titanium and dry running ceramic ball bearings. The entire mechanism will be installed in an underground facility in west Texas.
The Long Now Foundation - Fostering Long-Term Thinking

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

People's Climate Movement ::: March on April 29 ::: Lets Do This!

Join the People’s Climate Movement this April 29th in Washington, D.C. and across the country to stand up for our communities and climate.
Throughout the first 100 days in office, the People's Climate Movement is organizing a country-wide arc of action, culminating on April 29th in Washington DC in a powerful mobilization to unite all of our movements. To change everything, we need everyone.

Why we’re marching

There is no denying it: Donald Trump’s election is a threat to the future of our planet, the safety of our communities, and the health of our families.

This new administration is attacking the hard-won protections of our climate, health, and communities, and the rights of people of color, workers, indigenous people, immigrants, women, LGBTQIA, young people, and more.

If the policies he proposed on the campaign trail are implemented, they will destroy our climate, decimate our jobs and livelihoods, and undermine the civil rights and liberties won in many hard fought battles.

It’s up to us to stop that from happening before it starts.

Our fights are tied together, and we will only succeed together. That’s why, from now through the first 100 days and beyond, we are taking action and standing up for everything and everyone we love — and we are calling on everyone to join us on April 29th; for a massive march to bring our demands to the streets of Washington, D.C.

We’re ready to fight back, and we are ready to build a resistance to Trump and Congress’ attacks on our climate, our communities, and our jobs that stands alongside the unprecedented Women’s Marches and other powerful rallies that shook the globe in the hours and days following the inauguration of Donald Trump and the 115th Congress.

On April 29th, we will march for our families. We will march for our air, our water, and our land. We will march for clean energy jobs and climate justice. We will march for our communities and the people we love.

In 2014, we said that it takes everyone to change everything. Now, with everything at stake, everyone has a part to play.

People’s Climate Platform –
Directly and rapidly reduce greenhouse gas and toxic pollution to successfully combat climate change and improve public health

Mandate a transition to an equitable and sustainable New Energy and Economic Future that limits the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels

Provide a Just Transition for communities and workers negatively impacted by the shift to a New Energy and Economic Future that includes targeted economic opportunity and provides stable income, health care, and education

Demand that every job pays a wage of at least $15 an hour, protects workers, and provides a good standard of living, pathways out of poverty, and a right to organize

Ensure that in the New Energy and Economic Future, investments are targeted to create pathways for low-income people and people of color to access good jobs and improve the lives of communities of color, indigenous peoples, low-income people, small farmers, women, and workers.

Make bold investments in the resilience of states, cities, tribes, and communities that are threatened by climate change; including massive investments in infrastructure systems from water, transportation, and solid waste to the electrical grid and safe, green building and increasing energy efficiency that will also create millions of jobs in the public and private sector

Reinvest in a domestic industrial base that drives towards an equitable and sustainable New Energy and Economic Future, and fight back against the corporate trade-induced global race to the bottom

Market and policy based mechanisms must protect human rights and critical, native ecosystems and reduce pollution at source

Sign up! – People's Climate Movement 2017

Sign and send the petition to your Senators: Do NOT confirm any climate deniers

Climate pollution is causing catastrophic damage to the United States. At this late hour, the American people can no longer tolerate government officials who deny this existential threat. Climate denial is immoral and un-American.
For this reason, as you vet the new administration’s appointments, we exhort you to ask the following simple questions of every nominee:

Do you accept the scientific consensus that the climate is changing because of greenhouse gas pollution, predominantly the burning of fossil fuels?
Do you accept the scientific consensus that ocean acidification, sea levels, and extreme weather—including heat waves, droughts, and deluges—are on the rise because of greenhouse gas pollution?
Do you accept the findings of the Pentagon, the CIA and the Department of Defense that climate change threatens U.S. national security?

Any nominee who answers “no” to either of these questions should be rejected out of hand.

Sign and send the petition to your Senators: Do NOT confirm any climate deniers

Fight back: Trump moved Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline forward

Donald Trump is already proving to be the dangerous threat to our climate we feared he would be. But, these pipelines are far from being a certainty. From the plains of Nebraska and North Dakota to the streets of New York to the halls of Congress, millions of Americans and hundreds of Tribes have stood up to block these dirty pipelines and their voices will not be silenced. We will continue to fight these dangerous projects.
The Keystone XL pipeline was rejected because it was not in the country's interest, and the environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline was ordered because of the threats it poses to the Standing Rock Sioux. Nothing has changed. These pipelines were a bad idea then and they're a bad idea now...
more / SIGN NOW: Fight back: Trump moved Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline forward

Monday, January 23, 2017

#AlternativeFacts ::::: #RESIST !!!

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the papers are still mostly on hold, but i have been tweeting some...

the papers are still mostly on hold, but i have been tweeting some and posting quite a bit on Facebook in case you want to check it out – including numerous petitions to sign!

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Help us fight back against the Trump administration with a monthly donation | Sierra Club

This is what we're up against. The minute Trump took office, he scrubbed every mention of Climate Change from

– His new energy "plan" will make your blood boil:
President Trump is committed to eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan...
"We must take advantage of the estimated $50 trillion in untapped shale, oil, and natural gas reserves, especially those on federal lands..."
The Trump Administration is also committed to "clean coal" technology.
We are mobilizing and launching an emergency grassroots campaign to stop Trump from derailing everything we've worked for.

Fight back every day for the next four years. Make a monthly donation to the Sierra Club this second.
Thank you,
Michael Brune
Executive Director
Sierra Club


Friday, January 20, 2017

♥ #RESIST :: #Earth2Trump :: African rain frog War Cry

Center for Biological Diversity
September 8, 2016
Want to hear the cutest war-cry ever?
Pound for pound, the roar of the African rain frog is every bit as fearsome as that of the lion. And you, like this bold little warrior, should remember to never stop squeaking up for yourself!

Special thanks to Dean Boshoff for the awesome footage. 
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Stop the Pruitt Appointment to the EPA! - Food & Water Watch Fund

Donald Trump nominated oil and gas industry ally Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pruitt has been one of the EPA's loudest opponents, suing to overturn clean air and water rules, and he could roll back decades of progress in protecting our environment.

Sign below to send a message to your senators and urge them to oppose the confirmation of Scott Pruitt!

SIGN NOW: Stop the Pruitt Appointment to the EPA! - Food & Water Watch Fund

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Donald Trump the Dinosaur


Published on Oct 21, 2016 by Matt Orfalea
Donald Trump is actually the corporate triceratops, Mr. Richfield, from the 90’s TV show sitcom, “Dinosaurs”.

Trump's resemblance to B.P Richfield is bizarre! Did "Dinosaurs" predict the future?
Damn this took a long time to edit!

Matt Orfalea (aka Orf) is a video journalist rapper with opinions.
"Ommission" by Huma Huma
"Gigapet Epiphany" by Company Flow
"Sunrise" by Natzure
Help me caption & translate this video!

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  Films For Action

Thursday, January 12, 2017

#Earth :: Surface Winds, Ocean Currents & Waves, Temperatures via

via (12 jan 2017)

Pacific Winds...,2.75,349

Atlantic Winds...,0.34,349

Pacific Currents...,2.75,349

Atlantic Currents...,0.34,349

Pacific Ocean Waves...,2.75,349

Atlantic Ocean Waves...,0.34,349

Pacific Temperatures...

Atlantic Temperatures...,0.34,349

(on Facebook) #Earth :: Surface Winds, Ocean Currents & Waves, Temperatures via (12 jan 2017)