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Bhumisparsha Mudrā update

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" Mara demanded to know who would testify that Siddhartha was worthy of attaining ultimate wisdom. And his demon army rose up to support him. Siddhartha said nothing. He reached down and touched the ground, and the earth shuddered. "

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Life of Zen video

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Banmei Takahashi's "Zen" - based on the life of Japanese Zen Master Dogen (19 January 1200 – 22 September 1253).

Soto Zen Buddhism International Symposium

Soto Zen continues to spread around t he globe. Presently, there are more than 600 Soto Zen priests outside of Japan, and the teaching of Soto Zen continues to expand and develop beyond race and the confines of culture. It is in connection with these developments that we are planning to hold on October 4th, 2011, a Soto Zen Buddhism International Symposium called "Advance One Step Further - Soto Zen Opens The Way To The Future -". We plan to hold this symposium at the Tokyo Grand Hotel at Sotoshu Shumucho in Tokyo and will invite Sotoshu priests, practitioners, and temple members from around the world, as well as participants from Japan.

The keynote lecture will be given by Mr. Noriyuki Ueda, a scholar who is active in many spheres. He makes an appeal to "the Great Possibilities for Buddhism in Contemporary Society." During the symposium, a presentation will be made by each of the directors of the four Sotoshu regional offices (Hawaii, North America, South America and Europe) on the ways Soto Zen is growing overseas, a panel discussion on the future of Soto Zen as it takes root around the world, and a social gathering. As a way of introducing various Zen centers and temples within the four overseas districts to the audience, we plan to display information about them by way of television monitors. We also plan to exhibit and sell items that are made at these temples in their fundraising efforts.

I believe this will be a good opportunity for many people to get to know the situation of Soto Zen as it is developing outside of Japan. Please be sure to join us for this symposium.

Rev. Issho Fujita
Director, Soto Zen Buddhism International Center

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Shobogenzo Zuimonki

1.Zen Master Eihei Dogen and Koun Ejo

Shobogenzo Zuimonki consists of the dharma talks of Eihei Dogen Zenji (1200–1253) who transmitted Soto Zen from China to Japan. These talks were originally recorded by Koun Ejo Zenji, Dogen’s dharma successor, and probably edited by his disciples after Ejo’s death.

In this introduction, I’d like to briefly introduce Ejo Zenji since he is not as well known in the West as Dogen Zenji.

Ejo was born of a noble family, the Fujiwara, in Kyoto, in 1198. In 1215, at eighteen years of age, he was ordained as a Tendai monk under Master Enno at Yokawa on Mt. Hiei. He studied the fundamental philosophy of Buddhism; the Kusha (Abhidharmakosa-bhasya) Jojitsu (Satyasidhi-sastra), and Tendai teachings etc. However, he realized that studying for fame and profit or for high position in the Buddhist order was meaningless. Arousing bodhi-mind, he wanted to leave the monastery just as many other Buddhist leaders did in that age...

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whats more: Workshop at the Zen Center with Issho Fujita

Master of the Shakuhachi & about Zen & Buddhism

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