Thursday, September 22, 2011

whats more: tara (110921)

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"Tara reconstruction"



"Tara reconstruction" was created from photo what it is: ripped up (January 18, 2009)

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whats more: tara 8790 (more):
Within Tibetan Buddhism Tara is regarded as a Boddhisattva of compassion and action. She is the female aspect of Avalokitesvara (Chenrezig) and in some origin stories she comes from his tears...

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tara 8790 (more)

Bhumisparsha Mudrā update

Bhumisparsha Mudrā

Vajrapani 100514

Diamond Sutra

Dharma Wheel & About Dharma

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whats more: tara (110921)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

what it is: Sonoma Mountain Zen Center Mandala Bazaar 2011 - slideshow

slideshow - first draft *

Second Annual Sonoma Mandala Bazaar
Sonoma Mountain Zen Center • September 3, 2011
• Photography by Robert Cherwink

• Soundtrack: Kumoi jishi – “Dance of the Lion in the Clouds” - Shakuhachi played by Elliot Kallen

• Sonoma Mountain Zen Center ~ Genjo-ji • Santa Rosa, CA •

* first draft with my photos only - i plan to do a major edit and add in some of Piotr's photos as well.

Demian Nyoze Kwong and Kwong-roshi kick off the Bazaar

Ten Ten Taiko

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Workshop at the Zen Center with Issho Fujita

Master of the Shakuhachi and a bit about Zen & Buddhism

Dharma talk - What is “kind speech?"

what it is: Sonoma Mountain Zen Center Mandala Bazaar 2011 - slideshow (11/17/11)