Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tsunami: The Survivors' Stories (Documentary)

Tsunami: The Survivors' Stories (Documentary) - YouTube
Six months on from one of the world's most devastating tsunamis, Panorama returns to Japan to hear remarkable tales of survival amid the epic destruction.

Piecing together new footage of the wave, reporter Paul Kenyon tells the dramatic stories of those who managed to escape when so many didn't.

The film also follows those returning briefly to homes abandoned within the radioactive no-go area around the Fukushima nuclear power plant and asks what the future holds for the thousands affected.

BBC: 'Medical tests show exposure to “high levels of radiation” in Fukushima evacuees'

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On The Division Economy in Barriere Lake, Louise Wawatie Interview

On The Division Economy in Barriere Lake, Louise Wawatie Interview - YouTube
"Traditional Council of Elders and women have taken a march in the area of Poigan today in our unceded Algonquin Territory. When territories was given to our passed on wasnt to own the territory but a duty to safeguard the the women have taken a step to honour our ancestors, Mother Earth and its all its creation..Its to nobally bring back the duty to safeguard the land witout making any agreements for $$$ and only to stop all logging activities that endangers our way of life and culture for future generations to carry on.."

A Clear Cut Clarity - Trilateral Fraud - Louise Wawatie - YouTube
Grandma Louise Wawatie addresses the Elders Council of the Traditional Algonquin Nation of the One Nation.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Canada's indigenous movement gains momentum

Inside Story Americas - Canada's indigenous movement gains momentum - YouTube

Canada's Idle No More movement began as a small social media campaign - armed with little more than a hashtag and a cause. But it has grown into a large indigenous movement, with protests and ceremonial gatherings held almost daily in many of the country's major cities. The movement is spearheaded by Theresa Spence, the leader of the Attawapiskat, a small native band in northern Ontario. Spence is now 22 days into a hunger strike on Ottawa's Victoria Island just across from the Canadian Parliament

Idle No More Courtenay BC - YouTube

Her name is Ta'Kaiya Blaney, she is11 years old, she will steal your heart away
Idle No More protest and march
December 29, 2010
Simms Parck
Courtenay B.C. video Billie Harlow