Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nukes Fade As Wind and Solar Soar | EcoWatch

With nuclear power falling ever further behind renewables as a global energy source, and as the price of oil and gas falls, the future of the industry in 2015 and beyond looks bleak.

Investors are increasingly skeptical about putting their money into nuclear—whereas renewables promise an increasingly rapid return on investment, and may get a further boost if the governments of the world finally take climate change seriously.

Renewables now supply 22 percent of global electricity and nuclear only 11 percent—a share that is gradually falling as old plants close and fewer new ones are commissioned.
New large-scale installations of wind and solar power arrays continue to surge across the world. Countries without full grids and power outages, such as India, increasingly find that wind and solar are quick and easy ways to bring electricity to people who have previously had no supply...

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Sobering Truths About America’s Imperialist Crimes Against Humanity | Global Research

“We have brought torture, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, innumerable acts of random murder, misery, degradation and death to the Iraqi people and call it ‘bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East’. – Harold Pinter

British playwright Harold Pinter won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005. His powerful acceptance speech exposed the United States for its fascist, imperialist policies since World War II. His speech (delivered three years before he died in 2008) was an important glimpse into – and a reasonable summary of — the innumerable documentable US imperialistic crimes that have been secretly facilitated by our multinational corporations, our national security apparatus, our military leaders, our wealthy elites and the craven politicians who are beholden to those four realities that have shaped American foreign policy over the past 60 years.

True American patriots, if they really love the United States, must be honest about the dishonorable, dark side of their nation’s history, a history that the rest of the world, especially Pinter, sees so clearly. Understanding that history will clear up any mystery about why the rest of the world fears and hates us.

Real patriots are courageous enough to hear painful truths...

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Day In The Life Of Global Warming

How a typical day might look as a result of climate change. Daily life is not only going to get more difficult, it’s going to get more expensive!

Courtesy of: Infographic World

A Day In The Life Of Global Warming

Monday, December 15, 2014

#SavetheBees :: Tell the EPA: Suspend neonics now! | Friends of the Earth

The science is clear: neonics harm bees and other pollinators. Now, the EPA has confirmed that these toxic pesticides don't help many farmers, either.

Two of the biggest producers of neonics -- Bayer and Syngenta -- are panicking. They're pulling out all the stops to prevent the EPA from taking action on their analysis.

We only have until December 22nd to comment. Tell the EPA: Protect bees, not chemical companies' profits, and suspend bee-killing pesticides NOW!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

25 reasons Why You Should Care And Sign The Petition To End Apache Land Grab! By Noel Altaha | Last Real Indians

Recently, like ‘bout a week ago, week ago’ Congress was up to no good. They started making trouble in my neighborhood. No, all song references aside, these Wile E coyotes aka so-call Law Makers tried to sneak in a mining bill into a larger defense bill. The mining bill would allow foreign international mining companies to drill into a copper mining deposit on sacred ancestral Apache land in Arizona...


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25 reasons Why You Should Care And Sign The Petition To End Apache Land Grab! By Noel Altaha | Last Real Indians

Last Real Indians | The New Indigenous Millennium


Congress Raids Ancestral Native American Lands With Defense Bill | Huffington Post

– WASHINGTON -- When Terry Rambler, the chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, woke up Wednesday in Washington, D.C., it was to learn that Congress was deciding to give away a large part of his ancestral homeland to a foreign mining company...

Re: Raiding Native Sacred Places in a Defense Authorization: Everything Wrong with Congress

– The San Carlos Apache Tribe (Tribe) has worked for the past decade to shine light on the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange that would transfer Oak Flat and nearby lands in the Tonto National Forest – lands held sacred by my Tribe and many other Native Americans – to a foreign-owned mining corporation for certain destruction. Sadly, this Land Exchange has been airdropped into the FY15 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) at the eleventh hour, as Congress prepares to bring the 113thSession to close...

Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2014/12/10/re-raiding-native-sacred-places-defense-authorization-everything-wrong-congress


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stop Pesticide Poisonings - Earthjustice

We're taking on powerful pesticide and agricultural industries—and we need your help.
Every year, 1.1 billion pounds of pesticides are applied to the fields growing foods that we eat.

And those applying the pesticides are the hardest hit by these toxic chemicals. The men, women and children who harvest our nation's food have one of the highest rates of chemical exposures among all U.S. workers. In fact, tens of thousands of pesticide poisonings happen each year to these workers.
Take action now to help stop these toxic pesticide poisonings.

Stop Pesticide Poisonings - Earthjustice

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tell your Senators NOW: Do not fund Yucca Mountain to become a nuclear dump.

December 4, 2014,

Dear Friends,

The Yucca Mountain site never should have been chosen for permanent disposal of highly radioactive waste. The Department of Energy (DOE) declared the site to be unworkable and it was taken off the table by President Obama in 2010. DOE withdrew the license application but it is still pending.

But the incoming Republican-led Congress could well try to revive the failed project--many members of the House of Representatives have been pushing for that for the past four years.

Yucca Mountain would leak radioactivity because it is plagued by combined risks from earthquakes, volcanic activity, eventual groundwater contamination and air emissions projected to violate the lax regulations that were weakened to accommodate the site. Because of the refusal of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to allow taxpayer funding for Yucca Mountain, the project has received no money for more than 4 years.

Yucca Mountain has failed as a permanent radioactive waste repository.Here's a new NIRS fact sheet on some of the technical reasons for that failure. It's time to move on.As the Congress now negotiates budget deals, tell your Senators and Representatives below: No Funds For Yucca Mountain Licensing. 

Notes: You must have a U.S. address to participate in this action. Please use the icons above to share this action page before sending your letter to your Congressmembers. Please feel free to edit the letter to reflect your own concerns.

Tell your Senators NOW: Do not fund Yucca Mountain to become a nuclear dump.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Federal Judge Blocks Review Of Alaska Mine's Impact On Salmon | ThinkProgress

‘King Salmon’, United States, Alaska, Naknek, Bristol Bay, 2013. 

A federal judge has dealt a procedural blow to the EPA’s efforts to protect a remote part of Alaska from the impacts of what could be the largest copper and cold mine in North America. On Monday, Judge H. Russel Holland of the U.S. District Court of Alaska issued a preliminary injunction in favor the Pebble Mine’s efforts to block the EPA, thus preventing the EPA from taking further steps in its Clean Water Act (CWA) review process. Under section 404(c) of the CWA, the EPA has the authority to veto projects in the interest of protecting important rivers and wetlands. Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed, where the mine would be located is the most productive wild sockeye salmon fishery in the world, and native tribes and environmentalists want the mine halted.
The EPA initiated the 404(c) process to stop the mine earlier this year, alleging the Pebble Mine would have significant and irreversible negative impacts on the Bristol Bay watershed. According to the EPA, it has used this authority sparingly, and typically with major projects that could have “significant impacts on some of America’s most ecologically valuable waters...”

Friday, November 7, 2014

What's the environmental impact of modern war? | Environment | The Guardian

Ban Ki-moon has called on nations to do more to protect the environment from the destruction of war, but even in times of peace our militaries have a huge impact on natural resources

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

▶ DeSmogCAST 1 "Drilling Down: Fracking, Lobbying and the U.S. Midterm Elections," October 30, 2014 - YouTube

 ▶ DeSmogCAST 1 "Drilling Down: Fracking, Lobbying and the U.S. Midterm Elections," October 30, 2014 - YouTube:

DeSmogCAST 1 "Drilling Down: Fracking, Lobbying and the U.S. Midterm Elections," October 30, 2014
-- In this inaugural episode of DeSmogCAST host Farron Cousins joins DeSmog cast Brendan DeMelle, Steve Horn and Carol Linnitt to discuss the Post Carbon Institute's recent report on fracking in the U.S. and the lobbying activities of Canadian corporations in the lead up to the U.S. midterm elections.
This week DeSmogCAST also covers industry efforts to thwart theactivities of clean energy and environmental organizations and how fossil fuel front groups play a role in that effort.

DeSmogCAST is a weekly online show that features DeSmog writers, experts and guests covering breaking news and in-depth analysis on politics, energy and environment issues in the U.S., Canada and around the world.
For more visit DeSmogBlog.com, DeSmog.ca, and DeSmog.uk.
DeSmogCAST is a joint project of DeSmogBlog, DeSmog Canada and DeSmogUK.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Benny Zable - activist performance artist [FOTOS]

photo by Wanagi Zable-Andrews, who posts: "I'm honoured to have been accepted into the semi finals of the #moranprize with this photo of #bennyzable at the #bentleyblockade"

from Australia to New York City...


...and cheers to Kezia Geddes, who came up with the idea and got this exhibition Protest Songs: Artful Actions together. — at Lismore Regional Gallery.

photos are from Benny's facebook

• photos by/via Indigo Bay Photography, Wanagi Zable-Andrews, Megan Jack, Harsha Prabhu, D'un Renard, Sandra Nilsen, Scott Vidler, Hisashi Isogai, Kate Ausburn, Carly Woodstock, Tedi Davis, Greg Wilson, Andrea Kalkstein Lieberman, Diane Beeny

• with OWLS, Ena Okino, Pete Seeger 

• at Nimbin Enviro Center, People's Climate March (NYC), first anniversary of the Fukushima disaster via The Greens NSW, Lizard's Revenge, shut indian point (NRC?), #floodwallstreet, Woodstock Museum, #BentleyBlockade, Lismore Regional Gallery

Monday, October 13, 2014


EPA APPROVES DEADLY DUO - PUBLIC ACTION ALERT: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ignoring more than 60 members of Congress and a half a million citizens, has officially approved a deadly new herbicide, Dow’s Enlist Duo, made from a combination of Monsanto’s Roundup and Dow’s “Agent Orange” 2,4-D.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Energy Revolution 2014 | Greenpeace

The Energy [R]evolution demonstrates that transitioning to a renewable energy economy can free resources for economic development. It means more and better jobs, greater energy independence, and it is more democratic as citizens attain more control of energy production. Compared with the Energy Information Agency energy outlook, the transition to renewables creates more jobs at every stage of the energy transition, with more than 34% more jobs by 2030.

The Energy [R]evolution aims to wean the economy off dirty fuels as thoroughly and quickly as possible, and in a way that is technologically, politically, and ecologically realistic. This report is part of a global analysis showing how the international economy can transition to nearly 100% renewable energy by 2050, while assuming no new 'breakthrough technologies'.

> Energy Revolution 2014 | Greenpeace

Friday, September 26, 2014

Indigenous Voices Lead Largest Climate March Ever | AMAZON WATCH

This past week a small group made big waves in New York City. Amazonian indigenous spokespeople and social movement leaders joined the Indigenous Bloc in leading more than 400,000 others at the People's Climate March. Amazon Watch joined front-line indigenous communities and representatives in demanding that humanity keep the oil in the ground as a fundamental solution to climate chaos. From the Arctic to the Amazon, leadership of indigenous peoples in climate solutions was on full display...


PETITION: Keep the Oil in the Ground in the Amazon

more: AMAZON WATCH > Indigenous Voices Lead Largest Climate March Ever

Monday, September 15, 2014

Stop Pebble Mine - Deadline looming!


1. www.savebristolbay.org/takeaction
2. http://action.sumofus.org/a/pebble-mine-save-salmon-epa/
3. https://secure.nrdconline.org/

savebristolbay.org/takeaction ---

Tell EPA to Take Action to Protect Bristol Bay
Help TU Protect Bristol Bay, Alaska -- home to one of the largest wild salmon fisheries on the planet

Bristol Bay, Alaska is home to one of the last great salmon fisheries on the planet. The salmon, wildlife, people and fishing jobs of this beautiful and productive region are threatened by the proposed Pebble gold and copper mine. If built, Pebble could become the largest mine in North America.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to stop this mine and protect Bristol Bay's fish and jobs through the Clean Water Act.

Take action now by sending a comment to the EPA on their Proposed Determination for 404(c) action that would stop Pebble mine. Ask EPA to complete the Clean Water Act 404(c) process and protect Bristol Bay.

The EPA can stop Pebble Mine and save the sockeye salmon | SumOfUs

The world’s largest wild sockeye salmon run is in grave danger. Rather than protect this precious Alaskan ecosystem, a mining corporation wants to turn it into a massive gold and copper mine. Now, we have just 96 hours to strike the final nail in the coffin of this dangerous proposal. 
Following a huge SumOfUs campaign and mounting community pressure, mining giant Rio Tinto has already pulled out. Now, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) is asking the public to comment on proposed restrictions that would save the salmon run and protect 14,000 Alaskan jobs. 
The EPA is taking a stand despite political pressure to approve the mine, using a rarely used provision because the damage from the would be unprecedented.We need to speak out now so the EPA knows the public wants the Pebble Mine rejected, too.
Public comments close Friday, and the Alaskan elders most affected by this mine will personally deliver our comments before then. Can you add your voice to stop the Pebble Mine now?
The public overwhelmingly wants the EPA to reject Pebble Mine. In a previous comments period, 85% of Alaskans, and 73% of other Americans, supported EPA action to protect Bristol Bay. And it’s a no brainer -- the proposed Pebble Mine threatens to pollute miles of pristine streams and wetlands in and around Bristol Bay, the home of 40 million sockeye salmon. The Bay supplies nearly 50 percent of the world’s commercial sockeye, generates $480 million in annual revenue, and supports 14,000 jobs a year.
The last time we spoke out against Pebble Mine, 180,000 SumOfUs members called on mining giant Rio Tinto to pull out of the mine. Then, we helped fundraise to get Alaskan native leaders to Rio Tinto’s annual shareholder meeting in London. And Rio Tinto saw the writing on the wall, and acted! Just as the leaders arrived to make a huge media show, Rio Tinto announced that it would divest from Pebble. It was a huge win for SumOfUs, our friends at Earthworks, and especially the Alaskan communities most affected by the mine. The mining giant’s divestment sent the prospects of the mine crashing -- and weakened the ability of the Pebble Mine owners to put pressure on the EPA to give them the go-ahead.
The EPA wants to do the right thing, despite Republican backlash against its proposal. We can’t let the EPA waver in its commitment to protect the mine. That means we need to speak out now to give the EPA the political support it needs to reject the mine.
Take action to ask the EPA to reject Pebble mine and save the home of 40 million sockeye salmon and the 14,000 jobs in Bristol Bay.

Tell EPA to Reject the Pebble Mine! - Take Action!: NRDC's Save BioGems

The devastating spill of billions of gallons of toxic water and mining waste at the Mount Polley mine in British Columbia could be repeated in Bristol Bay, Alaska if we don't tell the EPA to stop the Pebble Mine.

Urge EPA to slam the door on the Pebble Mine and protect the Bristol Bay wilderness from destruction.