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here is a list of my newspapers with a few notes about each

US Pacific West Coast: PDT (UTC-7) (March – November)
or PST (UTC-8) (November – March)

general disclaimer

These papers are aggregated from an unmoderated twitter feed and keyword searches, plus various subscriptions, with some curation as possible - inclusion does not equal endorsement

NOTE: taking time off due to medical condition. please see what next: regarding today's edition

– expect "Dailies" once or twice per week, and "Weeklies" once or twice per month at this point


The Robert Cherwink Daily • #RCDaily #ECO
mostly in English

my twitter feed, plus subscription RSS feeds and some manual additions
TOPICS INCLUDE: activism • amazon • antinuclear • art • biofeul • climate • climatechange • coal • electric • energy • environment • forests • fukushima • gulf • indigenous • nature • no nukes • occupy • oil • OilSpill • organic • ows • pollution • rainforest • #RE_TOOL • renewable • rivers • #savethearctic • social change • solar energy • sustainable • toxics • whales • wildlife • wind energy

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The OcNuke Daily • #OccupyNuclear
multi-lingual (lots of German and Japanese)
tops stories in English

an unmoderated twitter feed plus subscriptions - inclusion does not equal endorsement; headlines are usually "adjusted" after publishing; additional articles and media often added after publishing.

TWITTER tag/keywords: antiatom • antinuclear • chernobyl • fukushima • genpatsu • health • Koodankulam • Kudankulam • NoNuclear • nonukes • nucleaire • nuclear • nucleare • nukefreecal • nukes... more
NOTE: pro-nuclear and industry news do show up here (we know who you are ;) - its good to know what they are thinking and planning... "but, please report obvious trash" :)

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mostly in English - see #RCDaily, above

multi-lingual - see #OcNukeDaily, above


Hurdy Gurdy news, media and features from around the world

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news, articles & videos of the world of the Jew's Harp (otherwise know as the khomus, Хомус, xomus, guimbarde, Đàn môi, "jaw harp," "juice harp," Moorsing, mouth-harp, Maultrommel, várgan, etc.)

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