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Ustad Allah Rakha & Zakir Hussain | Tabla

Ustad Allah Rakha

Ravi Shankar, Alla Rakha - Tabla Solo in Jhaptal

i had the honor of studying a bit with Zakir Hussain while attending the Ali Akbar College of Music; and, to meet his father - Ustad Allah Rakha, on a few occasions. i have always thus considered Allah Rakha to be my "grandpa," and once enjoyed the privilege of attending a string-tying ceremony at his home during his stay on the West Coast (c. 1980). listening to an Allah Rakha talba solo record back in the day was, in fact, one of my main inspirations to delve into Indian Music. ...more on AACM and Ali Akbar Khan later

Once in a great while, there emerges a musician who, through his genius, injects that certain spark necessary to elevate an instrument to another level of expression and appreciation.

For tabla, Ustad Allarakha was such an artist, having brought his instrument a stature and respect never before enjoyed. A disciple of Mian Kader Baksh, the great guru of the Punjab gharana, Ustad Allarakha was, in his lifetime, the most celebrated exponent of this style.

Sandeep Sagar: Abbaji - Ustad Allah Rakha

Qureshi Alla Rakha Khan (Dogri: क़ुरैशी अल्ला रखा ख़ान) popularly known as Alla Rakha (29 April 1919 – 3 February 2000) was an Indian tabla player. He was a frequent accompanist of Ravi Shankar... His eldest son, Zakir Hussain is also an accomplished tabla virtuoso.

Ustad Alla Rakha Khan popularized the art of tabla, playing across the globe, elevating the status and respect of his instrument. Abbaji (as he was affectionately known by his disciples) also bridged the gap between Carnatic music and Hindustani music by playing with both renowned Carnatic musicians and other Hindustani stalwarts.

Allah Rakha with Pt Ravi Shankar at Woodstock

"Alla Rakha is the Einstein, the Picasso; he is the highest form of rhythmic development on this planet."

Leading American percussionists in Rock n' Roll, such as the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart, admired him and studied his technique, benefiting greatly even from single meetings. Hart, a published authority on percussion in world music, said "Alla Rakha is the Einstein, the Picasso; he is the highest form of rhythmic development on this planet." Alla Rakha also collaborated with jazz drummer Buddy Rich, on their 1968 album Rich à la Rakha. Ustad Alla Rakha Khan was awarded the Padma Shri in 1977 and the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1982.

Alla Rakha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zakir Hussain

Ustad Zakir Hussain -- Vintage Teental Solo

Hussain was a child prodigy, and was touring by the age of twelve. He went to the United States in 1970, beginning his international career which includes more than 150 concert dates a year. In 1973, he appeared on George Harrison's Living in the Material World album. A prolific composer, he has received widespread recognition.

Hussain is a founding member of Bill Laswell's 'World Music Supergroup' Tabla Beat Science. Hussain participates in the Silk Road collaborative musical project. He teaches Tabla to advanced students in both San Francisco and Mumbai. Zakir participates in the Global Drum Project with percussionists from around the world.

In 1992, Hussain founded Moment! Records, which features original collaborations in the field of contemporary world music, as well as live concert performances by great masters of the classical music of India. The label presents his own world percussion ensemble, The Rhythm Experience, both North and South Indian classical recordings, Best of Shakti and the Masters of Percussion series. Moment Records’ 2006 release Golden Strings of the Sarode, with Aashish Khan and Zakir Hussain, was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Traditional World Music Album category for that year.

more > Zakir Hussain (musician) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

father & son duets

i once enjoyed the privilege of attending an intimate evening with these two performing together and it was truly amazing.

Ustad Allah Rakha & Zakir Hussain Tabla Solo Teental

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