Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sentinels of the Seas | pollution & dolphin immune system dysfunction and disease

Bottlenose dolphins are a beloved Florida icon. But, recent studies show disturbing signs of immune system dysfunction and disease plaguing this charismatic mammal. These problems might be linked to legacy contaminants and other pollutants which bio-accumulate up the ocean food chain. For decades, toxic chemicals have made their way into the oceans, leaving fish and marine mammals vulnerable.

As sentinels of ecosystem health, dolphins potentially hold clues to environmental hazards that could impact humans. Changing Seas visits the world’s longest running dolphin research program and other marine mammal centers for a better understanding of the silent threats lurking beneath the waves.

Sentinels of the Seas - Episode 202 - Changing Seas - WPBT2 Public Television Series | Summary of Episodes - Changing Seas - WPBT2 Public Television Series

Watch Sentinels of the Seas on PBS. See more from Changing Seas.

Video: Sentinels of the Seas | Watch Changing Seas Online | WPBT2 Video

full video - mentions mercury from coal-fired power plants & more about toxics building up in this apex predator - the first born of the young females get an especially concentrated dose and usually die...

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