Friday, April 6, 2012

Charlie Pisuk | IsumaTV

Charlie Pisuk is your uncle, your cousin, your brother-in-law. What do you have to say about him? Someone is listening...

- some comments from the page-

• I love this video! I am an Inuit woman living and working in a western academic world and my thinking patterns are vastly different than those that surround me. Many of the folks in the video cannot easily give a one word answer - they need to explain, give context to their answers. This is so me! Its a great, funny, insightful way to highlight the differences in cultures.

• This was wonderful! How insightful! It is sad to see how a majority culture assumes a linear way of thinking is the most effective and the most true...

• Well I guess I have to reveal that we were all making fun of the many surveys that are done and that are not quite useful or maybe a bit not culturally appropriate...It is based on a real survey, same questions exactly, but people are acting...creating their own characters.

Charlie Pisuk | IsumaTV

IsumaTV | IsumaTV
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