Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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As climate change devastates our world, climate skepticism continues to rise...  With the failure of our mainstream news media, the job of frank and accurate climate reporting falls upon the independent community.  While educational awareness drives public demand for change, the extent to that demand will depend on our methods for attracting the widest demographic possible.  For the level of money invested - film is by far our most effective means to motivate our masses, and clear away our crippling uncertainties.  With the help of top experts in climate science and sustainability solutions, we will convey our most important discoveries with captivating visuals and a special narrative twist - strategically designed to maximize engagement! 

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Made exclusively for all communicators of climate change, it’s a rare in-depth analysis of our media efforts on climate education over the last decade, e.g. examining the impacts of studies put forward by leading policy think tanks that have influenced many within our media to abandon their efforts. Their latest study-backed advice is to expel climate change from the energy debate as an answer to skeptics – a tactic that is now ostensibly favored by the White House. I present - ‘Science VS. Denial: The Truth About Climate Education.’ A tale of how we have arrived at THE most critical juncture in our climate change awareness.

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