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Q'orianka Kilcher - Activist Actress sets example

Kilcher in January 2004
Q'orianka Waira Qoiana Kilcher (born February 11, 1990) is a U.S. actress, singer and activist. She is best known for her role as Pocahontas in the 2005 film The New World, directed by Terrence Malick. Her second memorable film role is Kaʻiulani in Princess Kaiulani.

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GUEST: Q'orianka Kilcher, Hollywood actress 
and outspoken activist on indigenous issues.

Thousands of indigenous groups, grassroots activists and environmentalists began streaming into the World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth in Tiquipaya, Bolivia on Monday. Among them was the award-winning young Hollywood actress Q’orianka Kilcher. "I really believe and I love the saying that there comes a time when silence is betrayal," Kilcher says. "As public figures and as celebrities, we have a responsibility to be able to help give voice to the voiceless." [includes rush transcript]

Q'orianka Kilcher on Amazon Direct Action - YouTube

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Q'Orianka Kilcher (Pocahontas actress) bashes a Los Angeles based company which dumps on Peru - with a personal visit to witness the plight of the Achuar communities - encourages youth to become involved in social and environmental justice (in english) --
Q'Orianka Kilcher y la comunidad Achuar en la Selva Peruana (Subt Espa�ol) - YouTube:
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Q'orianka Kilcher Arrested at Protest in Support of Peruvian Indigenous Rights
President Obama met with Peruvian President Alan García at the White House on Tuesday amidst growing unrest in Peru over the Alan García government's free market policies that open up indigenous lands to resource extraction. Outside the White House, Hollywood actor Q'orianka Kilcher chained herself to a fence, her body covered in black paint to represent oil. She was forcibly removed, and the police had to use a saw to cut through her chains. [includes rush transcript]

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