Saturday, September 29, 2012

WEEK OF ACTION: STAND UP TO DOMINION'S RIP-OFF • Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Chesapeake Climate Action Network


Even though Dominion Power hasn’t invested in a single wind or solar power facility in Virginia, the company is receiving $76 million in extra profit for its supposed renewable energy investments.
Monday, October 1, through Friday, October 5, join us for a sustained week of action outside of Dominion's Richmond office to protest this huge rip-off and call for wind and solar power in Virginia. We'll also send in a representative each day, asking for a personal response from Dominion’s CEO, Tom Farrell.
And every day we'll highlight a specific way that Dominion's actions are harming Virginians, from increased extreme weather from climate change, to mountaintop removal coal mining and fracking for natural gas, to health impacts of the company's pollution. Then we’ll cap off the week with a rally on Saturday, October 6. 
RSVP below to get the details on the time and place.
Dominion executives exploit weaknesses in our state’s renewable energy law, getting credit for meeting the requirement through purchases from old, out-of-state renewable energy facilities, like hydro dams built before WWII. Ratepayers have to foot the bill for this bogus reward and Virginia families have to live with the consequences of Dominion's dirty power generation: climate change and pollution.
Check out the details on the impacts we're covering each day, and where we're helping to organize carpools throughout the week.
Please sign up now to join this historic week of action!

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