Friday, January 29, 2016

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In the spring of 2011, the Dene, Cree, Metis and settler people of northern Saskatchewan discovered that 3 of their communities were being targeted by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization to become “the host” to store all of Canada’s high-level nuclear waste with an open-ended possibility of storing spent nuclear fuel from the USA as well.

Northern Saskatchewan and the traditional lands of the Dene, Metis and settler communities have long been poisoned by the uranium industry. But in the last few years, this despoliation has intensified, with proposed long term storage of depleted uranium. We formed the Committee For Future Generations to resist these plans.

You can support us and stand with us in a number of ways. We are offering for sale prints of Marius Paul’s breathlines painting “Mother and Child” pictured above. You can listen to a recent interview Candyce Paul gave. And you can read more of this message (which includes how to purchase prints).


Prints measure 18″ X 23″ and are individually signed and numbered by Marius. They cost $200 and we will ship to your address for an additional $15.

A Message from La Plonge, SK and The Committee For Future Generations | breathlines

Committee for Future Generations | No Nuclear Waste in Northern Saskatchewan

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