Thursday, March 23, 2017

WILDLIFE CONSERVATION AGENDA for the next adminstration 2017-2021 (PDF)

Defenders’ expectations for the incoming Trump administration’s environmental priorities.


Defenders of Wildlife believes we all share a common interest in the protection of America’s spectacular wildlife and our great systems of public lands that offer endless opportunities for hiking, fishing, wildlife watching and other pursuits Americans value.

We will seek to work with the new administration to:
1. Protect and restore our endangered and threatened plants and wildlife.
2. Defend and responsibly manage our federal public lands.
3. Invest in responsible renewable energy development that minimizes impacts to wildlife.
4. Protect wildlife from the impacts of climate change.
5. Encourage initiatives by private landowners, states and tribes to conserve imperiled species and habitats.
6. Strengthen our role as an international leader in imperiled species conservation.
7. Help our youth and diverse and changing communities connect with our federal public lands and wildlife conservation heritage.
8. Maintain our commitment to conservation based on sound science.

These eight priorities are the core of the conservation agenda we propose to the next administration. Working together, we can prevent species extinction, safeguard and restore our wildlife and public lands and proudly uphold our conservation legacy for future generations.

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