Saturday, August 26, 2017

mostly offline following surgery on infected finger

I was in the hospital for a few days for surgery on and treatment of an infected finger - amazingly bad stuff from a simple blister... and I still have all my fingers!
"I should be back in a few days"

warning: graphic images below!

>>> about 1/2 of the skin has been removed from my middle right-hand finger due to a serious infection. it started out as a simple blister, but in 2 days i was seeing a doctor; at 3 days i was at the ER with red streaks up onto to my bicep; transferred to hospital in Napa for assessment by hand surgeon; 18 hours of IV antibiotics then surgery (not sure how long since i was totally sedated). 2 more days of IV antibiotics; sent home yesterday; now just laying low…. one-handed typing! (what is the sound of one hand typing? ;) ) … anyway, see the doc tomorrow and am supposed to get hooked up with local wound care clinic. 

i am curious to see how long to grow back skin. fortunately the bottom layer of skin was able to be saved so no grafts needed (so far) - hopefully smooth sailing.

i am home now, laying low

the following pics are at 4 days after surgery, and it looks like some skin is starting to grow!

you can still see some of the ink from when they outlined the red streaks going up my arm

at 6 days after surgery – growing new skin! –––

special thanks to RoseAdjoa for the excellent wound care!

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