Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Bruce Springsteen on Donald Trump: He 'Has No Interest in Uniting the Country, Really' | Billboard

Bruce Springsteen has never shied away from expressing his political views onstage and in his music, and the rocker's most recent interview is no exception -- especially when the conversation turned to Donald Trump.

For Esquire's December cover story, Springsteen invited the magazine backstage at the Walter Kerr Theater, where he's in the midst of his Springsteen on Broadway run. The show is a combination of memoir and song, in that the star reads from his own writings about his childhood, his family, his career and his love, and stripped-down musical interludes separate these throws to Springsteen's memories. Several times, he turns to the Vietnam War, 9/11 and other events that have shaped modern American history and identity, and he took the opportunity to explain his perspective on what's currently going on in the United States and what Trump and the "dark angels" who support him represent…

…“[He] has no interest in uniting the country, really, and actually has an interest in doing the opposite and dividing us, which he does on an almost daily basis." he continued. "So that’s simply a crime against humanity, as far as I’m concerned. It’s an awful, awful message to send out into the world if you’re in that job and in that position. It’s just an ugly, awful message. You are intentionally trying to disenfranchise a large portion of Americans... And then there’s just the rise of -- whether it’s the alt-right or the folks who were marching in Charlottesville with their tiki torches and all of that coming to the fore again, you know? Which our president was more than happy to play into and to play to. So these are folks who are invested in denying the idea of a united America and an America for all. It’s a critical moment. This has come so far to the surface, and it’s so toxic... It’s a scary moment for any conscientious American, I think.”

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