Sunday, November 13, 2011

telling the truth about radiation

Japan Crowd Funding.mp4 A story telling the truth about radiation from Fukushima nuclear disaster. This video is to raise funds for our crowd funding campaign for 'In Transition 2'. If you want to see how Transition Initiatives are responding to the situation then please donate! The money will pay for a film maker to shoot a story about the importance of setting up local renewable energy companies.
Breaking the Information Monopoly | Nukespeak
How do we know whether to believe what government officials tell us about the danger of radiation after a nuclear accident like Fukushima? New technologies are making it possible for citizens to break the government’s information monopoly, so that citizens can double-check the “no danger” announcements that government officials tend to issue after nuclear accidents.
Nukespeak | Nuclear Language, Myths and Mindset

whats up nuclear blog

GlobaLove Think Tank: telling the truth about radiation

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