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Redwood Summer

Redwood Summer: Where the 90s Begin - YouTube

This was the official Redwood Summer recruitment video which I collaborated on with Mary Liz Thomson and Tim Modok Pearson, two Video Guys Mike Roselle introduced to me.

After we finished it, I took it and two musicians with me on the official Redwood Summer Road Show, which took two months and 10,000 miles to complete. It even spurred its own three-day road blockade action on Mount Graham and a brand new video of that action, Uprising On Mount Graham, which is also up here.

It was also future Earth Liberation Front arsonist Avalon's first arrest action (He was the first one to volunteer and get arrested on Mount Graham). Apparently it was my Prescott Arizona road show presentation, the last of the tour, and this video that inspired him to join up with Earth First! back in 1990.

And I'm currently working with and providing video footage for Mary Liz on her latest project, a portrait of Judi Bari she is making with Darryl Cherney.
- Andy Caffrey, 2011  

AndyCaffrey's Channel - YouTube

Redwood Summer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Organized in 1990, Redwood Summer was a movement of environmental activism aimed at protecting old-growth Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) trees from logging by northern California timber companies. Headwaters Forest Reserve near Eureka, California is the largest area of old-growth forest protected as a result of the Redwood Summer protests.

Andy Caffrey's Redwood Summer Road Show, UC Berkeley 6/90 - YouTube

This was in the second week of June, about three weeks after Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were car-bombed on May 24, 1990 and a week before the first Redwood Summer action.

As I remember, Darryl called me up at the last minute and asked me to sub for Judi at a Redwood Summer engagement previously set up.

Dawn & Ophidia played music and I showed video of Judi's first interview after the bombing and the last video I shot of her and Darryl before the bombing which was at the E-Law conference on March 3, 1990 in Eugene Oregon. Also shown (and explained by me) is the notorious intro to the 60 Minutes segment in which Darryl said he would strap dynamite around himself and blow up the Glen Canyon Damn if he had a fatal disease.

So this turned out to be the first show or pre-show of my 10,000-mile official Redwood Summer Road Show and 35 more shows on into October. Actually, it was my first Earth First! road show presentation of any kind.

I cover a lot of historic Earth First! turf and I don't make too many mis-statements. I talk about much that I have long since forgotten, so it has a lot of historical value. Sadly, I was wrong about the longterm impact of the bombing on Judi, who died seven years later from breast cancer metastasizing into her liver.
- Andy Caffrey, 2011  

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Judi Bari was nearly killed in a still-unsolved terrorist attack on May 24, 1990, when a motion-triggered pipe bomb wrapped with nails exploded directly under her driver's seat. She and Darryl Cherney were driving through Oakland, California when the bomb exploded. They were on a concert and speaking tour to recruit college students for Redwood Summer, a campaign of nonviolent mass protests against corporate liquidation logging.

redwood tree

this photo of two of my kids standing on the trunk of a redwood tree was taken in 1999 at Rockefeller Grove (?) in Humbolt County while touring with Andy as a guide

if i remember correctly, this tree has the largest girth of any coast redwood (but is not the tallest)

See also

Sequoia sempervirens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sequoia sempervirens (pronounced /sɨˈkwɔɪ.ə sɛmpərˈvaɪrənz/[1]) is the sole living species of the genus Sequoia in the cypress family Cupressaceae (formerly treated in Taxodiaceae). Common names include coast redwood, California redwood, and giant redwood. It is an evergreen, long-lived, monoecious tree living 1200– 1800 years or more. This species includes the tallest trees on Earth, reaching up to 379 feet (115.5 m) in height (without the roots) and up to 26 feet (7.9 m) diameter at breast height. Before commercial logging and clearing began by the 1850s, this massive tree occurred naturally in an estimated 2,100,000 acres (8,500 km2) along much of coastal California (excluding southern California where rainfall is not abundant enough) and the southwestern corner of coastal Oregon within the United States.

Redwood Hikes | The Rockefeller Loop
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