Tuesday, February 21, 2012

hurdy gurdy wheel, crank & shaft assembly

wheel, crank & shaft assembly by Graeme McCormack

"I have just finished Drawing up the Henri 111 Renaissance Hurdy Gurdy. I have modelled it on an existing instrument from Paris circa 1750. The main deviation from the original is that it can play over 2 octaves and has adjustable bridges and string lifting mechanisms. I have also changed the internal frame to use smaller wood stock. The original has solid end blocks that needed large wood stock to cut them from. There are 9 x A1 size sheets to this plan. I will add more written information as I make this gurdy." - Henri 111 hurdy gurdy

AntiQuated Strings - Graeme McCormack

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whats more: barrel gurdy: a musical instrument to make from a wine barrel (a plan i am working on)

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