Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mitt Romney "Not Concerned" About The Poor

In case you missed it, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney isn’t all that concerned with the struggles facing poor people.

Romney let this gem slip in an interview yesterday morning suggesting that it was the Democrats job to worry about the poor.


In 2010 more than 4 million more women than men lived in poverty. Families headed by a single adult are more likely to be headed by women, and these female-headed families are at greater risk of poverty and deep poverty. 34.2% of families with a female householder where no husband is present were poor and 17% were living in deep poverty. So when Romney says he doesn’t care about the poor, he means specifically he doesn’t care about poor women.

It’s not just Romney. It’s the entire Republican party who spent the last year legislating on the backs of our most vulnerable. It started with Stupak-Pitts during the health care reform debate and has now evolved into an outright war on the ability of the poor to access health care services at all on both the state and the federal level. It’s expressed in the crusade to cripple health care reform and to take away any affordable family planning or cancer screening.

And they’ve even enlisted their surrogates. Just look at the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Mitt Romney "Not Concerned" About The Poor | Care2 Causes

he also says he isn't concerned about the rich, because "they are doing just fine." ~ yikes! who could possibly want the guy as president? - well, i guess if you are rich he might sound okay (?) - but then, that doesn't say much about the rich!

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