Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fight Oil with Water: Chevron's Embarrassment in Ecuador

Every day Chevron tries desperately to greenwash its image. "We Agree" and "Will You Join Us" are perfect examples of empty gestures aimed at making Chevron appear the "good" oil company. The reality is, millions of dollars blown on ad campaigns and PR firms like Sam Singer in San Francisco do nothing to alleviate environmental damage and human suffering caused by their operations. Chevron even convinced Business and Social Responsibility to feature the company as a leader for "community engagement."

AMAZON WATCH | Fight Oil with Water: Chevron's Embarrassment in Ecuador

How can you help the communities of the Amazon fighting oil contamination and a historic health crisis? With water.

Use the tools on this page to help spread the word about ClearWater, a community-led project that is providing immediate relief to the people of the Ecuadorean Amazon. The same powerful communities that have been waging a 19-year battle to bring Chevron to justice for its toxic legacy in the Amazon are now building safe drinking water systems for themselves.
> Fight oil with water - Give ClearWater | Rainforest Action Network

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