Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fossil Fool: let's call fracked gas "renewable energy" | We Are Power Shift

Fossil Fool: let's call fracked gas "renewable energy" | We Are Power Shift: Posted on May 21, 2012 by Brian Kunkemoeller, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnait, OH Posted in University of Cincinnati Beyond Coal

We may have front runners for next years "fossil fool." Seriously.
In the most ridiculous public testimony I've ever seen (which is really saying something), representatives from the University of Cincinnati and Kent State University today co-testified that their fracking gas fired plants should count as renewable energy, padding the pockets of publicly funded polluters and spiking demand for fracked gas in Ohio.
It's "just like solar," quipped UC Utilities Director Joe Harrell when questioned by a member of the Ohio State Energy and Public Utilities Committee why he thought his fossil fool based facility was renewable energy. "It captures heat."
Tom Euclide from Kent State apparently agrees. Together, they're doing anything they can to keep getting a good fix for their fossil fuel addictions.
Wind farmers had something to say about that during their testimony: giving rebates to these Universities will make them think twice about building new wind farms in Ohio if the state can't even recognize the difference betweenrenewable and non-renewable energy. 
Maybe the committee should consult the kids in the video. They even give installation instructions.
What's really amazing is that a bill may go to the floor of the Ohio Senate by the end of the week, giving these fracking gas plants a huge paycheck. 
Tell this guy that that's just ridiculous: Committee Chairman Peter Stautberg (614) 644-6886 call right now! 

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