Friday, May 4, 2012

kicksy wicksy | Nigel Eaton / Cliff Stapleton

"This is just half of a super tune by English Hurdy-Gurdy player Cliff Stapleton, I had to re-record this as my pick-up fell off during the performance at Halsway Manor." - Nigel Eaton

update 31 May: video deleted but Nigel says maybe a new one this weekend with the entire tune :)
nigeleaton1's channel

update 20 June: Nigel said: "well i did a version of kicksy for ya, no worries best N" - - see what next: Kicksy Wicksy - a Cliff Stapleton tune played by Nigel Eaton - thanks Nigel!

same tune (complete) - Nigel Eaton w/ Cliff Stapleton

NIGEL EATON & CLIFF STAPLETON | gurdymike's channel

hurdy gurdy playlist - YouTube

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