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HURDY GURDY - misc photos

Drehleier - Drehleiern - Drehleierbau: Helmut Gotschy

Jenny of Pagan Folk Band Omnia

Renate rockt bei Reincarnatus auf einer Abraxas.

Hurdy Gurdy Girls

Lira korbowa – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

painting by Hippolytus Lipinski: minstrel (1876),
possibly in Krakow (?)

The band of musicians equipped including the hurdy-gurdy (Kiev, 1926).

Zespół muzyków wyposażonych w liry korbowe (Kijów, 1926). (Google Translate)

Hurdy gurdy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

• trompette: the highest-pitched drone string that features the buzzing bridge
• mouche: the drone string pitched a fourth or fifth below the trompette
• petit bourdon: the drone string pitched an octave below the trompette
• gros bourdon: the drone string pitched an octave below the mouche
• chanterelle(s): melody string(s), also called chanters or chanter strings in English
• chien: (literally "dog"), the buzzing bridge
• tirant: a small peg set in the instrument’s tailpiece that is used to control the sensitivity of the buzzing bridge

Slovak-style hurdy gurdy (Ninera) made and played by Tibor Koblicek

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