Saturday, December 3, 2011

HURDY GURDY - photos: instruments by HGC

these beautiful instruments are created by Hurdy Gurdy Crafters in Michigan

Hurdy Gurdy Crafters
All of our hurdy gurdies and parts are meticulously crafted using the finest material and constuction techniques available.

go to their site for some sound samples!


Moriah's long 380mm scale length and relatively large box volume render a sweet mellow signature sound. Its potential is fully realized in D/G tuning with both chanters in unison but the octive tuning is also rewardingly full and sweet. Add a master grade cedar soundboard and sympathetic strings and you have an etherial sound that is very soul satisfying.


The Renaissance is a full sounding relatively large bodied instrument. With a 380mm scale length it is well suited to C/F and D/G tunings. A professional musician/music teacher from NH commented: "It really sounds good with nice projection outside too".. It has a slightly arched top and floating keychest. The Renaissance is a very fine instrument with wonderful feel and sound. Standard in mahogany sides and back with spruce or mahogany top.


The Maestro is all the name implies "a master in any art". We have taken the hurdy-gurdy to a new level of playability and refinement with this professional level instrument. The large spoked wheel keeps mass down while maintaining stability and refined appearance. The floating keychest helps prevent keychest roar and puts more of the soundboard into play for more efficient and better sound reproduction. With 2 carbon fiber reinforcement rods inside it is very stable and relatively light for an instrument of this size. One customer said: "This is the instrument that will put America on the map". Another player/collector said: "I would not hesitate to compare this with any instrument out there".

Hurdy Gurdy Crafters • Metamora, MI

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