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HURDY GURDY - Recycled Guitar | AntiQuated Strings | Lute-backed

recycled-guitar gurdy: "George"

> george - mccormackgraeme

AntiQuated Strings - Graeme McCormack

Many years ago I saw a black & white Spencer Tracey Film Called “Captains courageous”. Spencer’s character played a bizarre mechanical fiddle called a Hurdy Gurdy. From that point this instrument fascinated me. Finding one to play was not very easy, so it was sometime before I was courageous enough to make one. I had never seen a hurdy gurdy in the flesh before. This made troubleshooting a long and sometimes painful process. My intention was to make a quick and dirty hurdy gurdy by converting an old guitar. In the end I put more work and detail into it and ended up with a very playable instrument that I named George. From then on I was hooked. Harry Wass, who is a good friend of mine was making a medieval fiddle around the time that I was making "George". We both finished our respective instruments at the same time. We set off to Salamanca markets in Hobart to do some busking, with great success.

antiquatedstrings - mccormackgraeme

Lute-backed Hurdy Gurdy: "Jiri"

Grand French Alto Hurdy Gurdy has 4 chanters, 3 trompettes, 3 bass drones and 12 sympathetic strings. Mainly in C/G tuning. Also plays in D/G.

Jiri Finished - mccormackgraeme
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AntiQuated Strings - Graeme McCormack

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