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Indigenous Survival

Crossed spears found on a path in northern Peru, in the region where oil company Perenco is working. Crossed spears are a common sign used by uncontacted Indians to warn outsiders to stay away. © Marek Wolodzko/AIDESEP | Uncontacted Indians of Peru - Survival International

Survival International

About us - Survival International
We monitor the media and counter false and damaging stereotypes which portray tribes as ‘backward’ and ‘primitive’.

Who are we?

- The movement for tribal peoples

Survival is the only organization working for tribal peoples’ rights worldwide.

We work with hundreds of tribal communities and organizations. We are funded almost entirely by concerned members of the public and some foundations. We will not take national government money, because governments are the main violators of tribal peoples’ rights, nor will we take money from companies which might be abusing tribal peoples.

About 250,000 supporters from nearly 100 countries have helped us financially; millions now routinely seek our information, published in seven languages. We never restrict our information or materials only to those who can pay. We want everyone to know about tribal peoples.

Tribes & campaigns - Survival International

Survival estimates there are 15 uncontacted tribes in Peru. All of them live in the most remote, isolated regions of the Amazon rainforest.

Oil workers and illegal loggers are invading their land and bringing disease. They won’t survive unless this stops.

Multiple threats -
All of these peoples face terrible threats – to their land, livelihoods and, ultimately, their lives. If nothing is done, they are likely to disappear entirely.

Uncontacted tribes are extremely vulnerable to any form of contact with outsiders because they do not have immunity to Western diseases.

International law recognises the Indians’ land as theirs, just as it recognises their right to live on it as they want to.

The Uncontacted Indians of Peru
At risk of extinction from disease and land loss
In the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Peru live tribes who have no contact with the outside world.

Uncontacted Indians of Peru - Survival International

Survival International

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